SuperKot is the first private non-kill shelter for cats in Minsk, Belarus. This is a non-profit organization that exists only on donations from citizens. Their specialty is taking care of the cats that have been trapped in the pound where animals are put down after 5 days, injured and disabled. This is the only organization that officially, under the contract, takes animals under its guardianship from the kill shelter "Fauna Goroda", is responsible for them, involved in treatment, adaptation and placement in new homes. 


Fauna Goroda

"Fauna Goroda" is the kill shelter in Minsk, Belarus. Animals are put down either immediately (because they are no free spaces) or after 5 days if not claimed by (new or old) owners. This is a governmental institution, and minimum funds are distributed to it and volunteers spend their own money to buy medications for sick animals and food. There is no staff there to treat sick animals and therefore volunteers go there to try to help sick animals and take care of others, they post their photos in social media to try to find more animals new homes before they are put down. We help volunteers by collecting the funds that will go to buying food, medications and paying medical bills for sick animals. 



"Chance" is  non-kill shelter for dogs in Novopolotsk, Belarus. The volunteers that help dogs in the shelter also help cats, but all of the cats are in foster homes. There are 230 dogs in the shelter at the moment. Each dog has their own little dog house. This is a non-profit organization that exists only on donations from citizens. They are always in need of funds for food, medications and medical bills.