About Us

Fur Friend Society is a Colorado based 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to bring closer the time when there are no more homeless animals and all pets have loving homes. Fur Friend Society helps to save animals by raising funds and distributing them among shelters of Colorado springs and Minsk (Belarus, Eastern Europe).  


Fur Friend Society Short-Term Goals:

- Low-cost spay/neuter program

- Low-cost microchipping program

- Creation of feeding stations for strays

- Help shelters and volunteers with medical and food bills

- Advertising buy for shelters to promote more adoptions

- Training and support for other organizations and volunteers working to save animals

- Reunification of lost pets with their owners

Fur Friend Society Long-Term Goals:

- Public education for adults and children regarding proper animal treatment

- Spay/neuter for all animals

- Inspire adoptions from shelters and rescue organizations

- Stronger laws regarding animal welfare and cruelty

- Get more volunteers to be involved in animal welfare services and advocacy

- Lower the amount of homeless and abandoned animals

- Lower euthanasia rates at shelters


Organizations we help


Contribute $25+ and receive a PDF copy of the book "Tom Kat: Rags to Riches"

Contribute $100+ and receive a hard copy of the book "Tom Kat: Rags to Riches"